Are you getting the most from your time at the gym?

This question is one I have been asking people for years, unfortunately the answer 99% of the time comes back a ‘I don’t know’ or simply ‘No’.

When I dug a little more into this response, the real answers as to why people believe they aren’t getting the most from a workout are many and more diverse than you might think!

For the sake of this blog, I’ll narrow the responses down to just one, the main one, the reason most people believe they are not getting the most from their workout is because… ‘I can’t spend enough time in the gym’. To this, I respond ‘How much time do you need?’

People believe that you need to be in the gym for lengthy periods of time to produce any significant results, this is just false! Obviously, if you can spend an hour sweating it out instead of 20 minutes, you will inevitably reap benefits faster, maybe. This depends entirely on what you are doing in these 20 or 60 minutes. If you spend 20 minutes, focused and alert, attacking your workout in a militant, almost regimented way, you’ll run rings around the 60 minute selfie warriors we see in the gym so often!

I guess where I’m going with this is if you want to make the most of your time in the gym, make it count.

My best advice for maximising our time would be

  • Plan your workout before getting to the gym, or get a PT to design you a programme to follow.

  • Prepare alternatives in case the piece of kit you want is unavailable for whatever reason.

  • Set up a playlist of songs that get you going and motivate you!

  • Turn your phone on do not disturb or if you have an Mp3, better still, leave your phone in the locker!

  • Take a watch with a second hand to keep track of res periods

These 5 pointers will let you get the most from your workout, be it 20 minutes or an hour. By eliminating the limbo of not knowing what to do next, you can get straight to work. The playlist will keep you going and drive away the noise of other people in the gym or distractions. All of this is conducive to a great workout!

What are you waiting for? In the time it has taken you to read this blog, you could’ve been halfway through a session by now!

If you’d like a 20 minute session to try out, drop me an email or call via the contacts page and I’ll design something for you based around your goals and fitness level.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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