Don't just take my word for it, see what some of my clients are saying about the services I provide.


"In July 2011, I fractured my left upper arm, elbow and wrist and then developed a frozen shoulder during the lengthy period I was in plaster and a splint. Using the resistance machies in the gym wasn't helping my rehab as I was too protective of my left arm and my frozen shoulder preventing me from using the machines completely.


I  met Charlie in January 2013 and was immediately impressed by the depth of his knowledgeand his enthusiasm for his work. I had no hessitation in signing up for a number of sessions. It was obvious from the outset that Charlie knows a great deal about bio-mechanics and physiotherapy. We talked about my arm injury but he also identified several other niggling joint pains just by watching me move. I have complete confidence in him to the point where I will undertake any exercise he asks me to do without fear of it damaging my arm.


Constanty, I am suprised by what I am able to achieve with him and my Body Balance teacher has commented on the speed of my recovery and how much stronger and straighter my left arm is and I can safely say it is down to Charlie's exercises."


- Pauline Winslet - Admin Officer at the College of Nursing, Midwifery & Healthcare of West London


"Every year I go on a skiing holiday with my familly. This year, due to work commitments and a new business start up, I was looking at staying behind because of the time I had between preparing for the slopes, and getting on a plane! 


I approached Charlie at a regular Networking breakfast we attend and told him of my dilema, he instantly said he was sure he could help me get fit for the slopes with the 4 weeks I had. Natually I was dubius but none the less took Charlie up on his offer.


Over the next 4 weeks, Charlie focused not on my overall fitness, as I expected him to, but more on specific movements and stresses that I would encounter on the slopes. He gave me exercises to do in my spare time at home so that when we met for a session he could continue to prepare my jonts for the movements without worrying about the fitness.


I can honestly say that the skiing holiday was one of the best, my fitness was at a level where I could ski without the fear of fatigue, and my movement felt smooth hurtling down the black slopes! 


To this day, I am unsure how Charlie got me prepared for that holiday but I have absolutely no reservations at all in recommending to anyone looking to improve their game."



- Moritz Chrambach - Co Director & CFO - MFC Capital Partners


"I have had bad experiences with Personal Trainers in the past, so naturally when Charlie approached me in the gym to help me out, I was a little unsure. After abut 10 minutes of chatting, Charlie persuaed me to get off of the treadmill and try some different equipment which I had never used before. 


First, he got me using a kettle bell, he showed me how to complete a few basic movements and then coached me through them. Once I had got the hang of these, he handed me a ViPR and did the same, then a medicine ball, then a skipping rope, then introduced me to some ground work, the list goes on! 


I do not remember a time when I had more fun in a workout and actually felt llike I was achieving something than that session.  Charlie clearly has a lot of knowledge to share and wants to make sure people get the most of their workouts without getting bored.


On the back of this taster with Charlie, I bought 12 sessions with him for the month and saw him 3 times a week. The results came very quicky and he even worked on my diet to ensure the best results for me. 


I still go to Charlie for advice on my training now that I have moved to France and he is able to keep me motivated via email, skype sessions and phone calls.


I really cannot fault him, his methods and his knowledge."


- Alice Eccles - Senior Recruitment Consultant - AER Resourcing 


"Charlie played Rugby for us for some years before approaching the coaching team with his services. He explained to us what his expertise was and was extremely enthusiastic about it! We started using Charlie in our 1st team training for pre season. He wrote the pre season conditioning plan whilst working very closely with the forwards and backs coaches, and delivered the sessions.  


As well as the group sessions, Charlie offered his services to the players individually, working with them on a very granular basis, breaking down specific movement needs anfdpatterns for the players position. The players who worked with Charlie individually through pre season showed clearly through the season. they were faster, stronger, more confident than the players who had not worked with him. The whole team were a lot more efficient from the last season and there was no fatigue in the games. 


Charlie's services are an invaluble part of our pre season plans and conditioning and I very much look forward to working with him for many seasons to come."


- Alistair McGregor - Head coach - Woking Rugby Club